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Christmas Drinks 2022!

Christmas Specials are officially here! 🤶🎅

~ Starting with Santa's favourite from last year is our BLACK FOREST GATEAU. This one is the perfect sweet and tangy chocolatey goodness served with cherry popping bubbles 🍫🍒 ~

~ In the middle is possibly our most comforting festive drink we have concocted thus far, we've got an EGG NOG warm milk tea, served with creamy egg pudding! If you've never had egg nog its a delicious mix of smooth spices and creamy sweet eggy goodness 🥛🤤 ~

~ And lastly we have a TOFFEE NUT LATTE! Keeping it classic with our freshly ground coffee which always goes down a treat on these colder mornings ☕️🌰 ~

✨ We can't WAIT to see you all this Christmas holiday ✨

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