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Christmas Specials 2021

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Our Christmas Specials are out now!

We have a Peppermint Candy Cane milk tea and a Black Forest Gateau milk tea sold with cherry popping bubbles for the ultimate sharp and zingy sweet combo. Both drinks are topped with whipped cream and gold dust. They can also be made dairy free/vegan if requested (but will not include whipped cream).

Next we have our waffles! We’re super excited to be bringing back our popular Spiced Apple Cinnamon waffle and pour Spiced Gingerbread Waffle from last year, which are both homemade with our specialty cinnamon batter recipe! With a new addition this year, we have our Christmas Bounty waffle which has gooey chocolate pockets and crunchy coconut shavings covered in our new chocolate sauce. All waffles come with our luxuriously fresh homemade whipped cream.

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