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Create Your Own Waffles

We are now doing a Create Your Own Waffle option for in store and delivery! Its the best way for you to try something new at your own pace as you can customise what inserts, toppings and sauces that you’d like!

Some of the inserts and toppings include fresh strawberries, fresh bananas, oreos, lotus biscuits, chocolate chunks, salted caramel cubes, cheesecake crumble, coconut shavings, gingerbread men, chocolate wafer rolls, and fresh homemade whipped cream. The sauces include: salted caramel, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate fudge, and white chocolate. Also, we have chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice creams available for orders in store.

p.s. Would you prefer something savoury? Add cheese inserts in your Create Your Own Waffle for a mouth watering savoury waffle!

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