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🌼 Easter Specials 2023 🌸

🌸 Check out our new EASTER SPECIALS🐣

Starting with our STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE topped MATCHA milk tea 🍓The subtle sweetness perfectly complements our organic matcha 🍵 Have you noticed… We brought back our STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE TOPPING from our valentines collection… cuz it was just so popular 😉

Up next is our EASTER WAFFLE which we are particularly proud to share! We have a NEW LIMITED EDITION FRESH MATCHA WHIPPED CREAM 🤤 which is seriously delicious! The depth of matcha sings through the sweet cream perfectly, paired with our cocoa waffle and real strawberry sauce, topped with Oreos and mini eggs! 🐣

And finally we have our divine TOFFEE CRUNCH CHOCOLATE MILK TEA 🍫 It’s a caramel and chocolate mix that you just CANNOT MISS OUT ON 🤩

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