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Must must must try our CREATE YOUR OWN SUNDAES! Whatever you’re in the mood for we’re pretty sure we can satisfy with our ice cream sundaes 🤗 They’re the perfect cooling sweet treat this summer 🥵

We’ve got our classic vanilla, strawberry and chocolate chip ice creams with a world of flavour combos to play with!

Here we have featured:

~ LEFT: Vanilla ice cream, quality chocolate fudge sauce topped with lotus biscuits and tapioca pearls! If you’re a boba lover this one is definitely for you! (Remember you can pick your own toppings this is just a suggestion 😉)

~ MIDDLE: Chocolate ice cream, luxury white chocolate sauce topped with fresh strawberries and cherry popping bubbles - You must give these a go on the sundaes, they pack a punch of flavour 😍

~ RIGHT: Strawberry ice cream, quality salted caramel sauce topped with fresh Banana and mango popping bubbles 🤩 The combinations can go on! These dessert bowls are the perfect stop on a hot sunny day 🌞

~ Sold in store only ~

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