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New TAIYAKI Waffles! 🧇 🐟

We’re excited to share this lil cute surprise with you guys 🌝

As the first dessert cafe in Staffordshire to offer TAIYAKI waffles we hope you enjoy experiencing something NEW! ~ TIP: add popping bubbles, it’s really good! 🤓

TAIYAKI waffles are a traditional Japanese snack dating back to the 1900s where they would be filled with a, typically, sweet red bean paste! The shape of the fish imitates a sea bream which is believed to bring good luck 🤞🏼

Our TAIYAKI waffles are sold for £7.80 which includes:

- 1 Scoop of ice cream

- Our homemade whipped cream

- 1 Topping

- 1 Popping bubble

- 1 Syrup

Only available in store 🏠

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