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Christmas Waffles 2022!


This year is a top tier trio:

~ Starting with OUR HOUSE SPECIAL CINNAMON APPLE PIE FESTIVE WAFFLE filled with apple pie sauce cooked in a cinnamon batter, elevated when you add extra fresh whipped cream, topped with salted caramel sauce, chocolate wafers and shimmery gold dust 🍎🥧 ~

~ Next we have pulled out all the stops for our S'mores waffle! We have a chocolate base filled with cheesecake crumb, add extra fresh homemade whipped cream for indulgence & chocolate fudge sauce followed by THREE TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS and of course festive sprinkles! 🤩🔥 ~

~ Finishing with our long awaited NUTELLA WAFFLE!! Finally we are here for a limited edition NUTELLA rich waffle, add extra fresh whipped cream, topped with thick luxury NUTELLA SAUCE and a milky hazelnut wafer biscuit, garnished with sugar dusting and festive sprinkles! 🍫🍪 ~

Even Rudolph approves 🦌☺️

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